Yaroslav Prytula is a digital artist from Ukraine, now living in Manchester, UK.

In December 2021, Yaroslav was involved in a accident that left him with a serious head injury, internal bleeding, and a broken jaw. Doctors said he was lucky to be alive. After three weeks in hospital and an eight-hour operation using experimental technology, Yaroslav was in a long and difficult rehabilitation process.

Three months later, on 24 February 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In an attempt to escape the war, Yaroslav and his friends left Kyiv and stayed for one night in a suburb of Bucha. The next day, they discovered that the Bucha district was surrounded by Russian troops, who were committing atrocities against civilians. After a harrowing twelve days, they were able to escape the suburb of Bucha, which was a miracle considering that Russian forces were shooting at civilians trying to flee occupied territory.

In June 2022, Yaroslav moved to the UK to continue his recovery and start a new chapter in his life, joining the family of a close friend.


In this series of works, 15 photographs from different periods of Yaroslav's life are collected. The photographs lack context and the main figure is blurred.

Reflecting on the topic of life and its value, Yaroslav looks at his past experiences from a different perspective, contemplating the fact of his own death. He remains a ghostly silhouette, gradually fading from the memory of others. He also raises many questions about identity and inclusivity in the modern world, which is oversaturated with information.

Each photograph from this collection will be printed in acrylic print in a single copy. Fifty percent of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to support Ukrainian children affected by the Russian military aggression against Ukraine. These funds will be used by the Baza Ua charity to sponsor art spaces for children and to support children who have lost their families and homes.

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Manchester Open Exhibition 2024 (3 Feb - 28 Apr)